Is there anything to take with me when I use SPA?

Not in particular. All the things thought to be needed by the visitor are prepared.
A set of Cosmetics (Cleansing
Equipment for Face WashLotionEmulsion and so on), with Bath-Towel and Hall Clothes and others.

Is it possible to use with CHILD?

We are very sorry, but the visitor who is lower than Primary School Child is not allowed on this floor. As this place is meant for exclusive use for LADIES-ONLY in the comfortable and calm atmosphere.

Is it possible to use only BEDROCK BATHING?

We are very sorry, but the use of only BEDROCK BATHING is not possible. We are offering the use of BATHING and BEDROCK BATHING as the set. We also do not accept the Pre-Reservation of BEDROCK BATHING.

After Check-In, can I GOING-OUT on the way?

Going-Out is not possible, but the visitor can relax at the Rest Corner in the hall. But the visitor of lodging at the Capsule Hotel (LADIES-ONLY) can Going-Out.

Can I pay the charge with CREDIT CARD?

Yes, it is possible. We deal with the payment by various cards.

I left my thing before, do you have it kept for me?

Yes, we have it. But the thing left behind becomes our custody up to one week and we can not cope about the later inquiry. As for the things like the valuables, we send them to the nearest IKUTA POLICE STATION.
So we are sorry for your inconveniences, but please refer it to the IKUTA POLICA STATION.

Is there the PARKING LOT?

There are PAID PARTNER PARKING LOTS in the neighborfood of this building.

Is the facility available as the ACCOMODATION?

Except Capsule Hotel (LADIES-ONLY) floor, this facilities is not meant for lodging use, we are preparing the rest room where the visitor can rest for 24 hours.

Is it possible to charge the SMARTPHONE while lodging there?

Front Desk will keep the visitore’s SMARTPHONE and charge it. However, the number of battery chargers are limited, please be advised that your request can not be accepted if there is an earlier visitor or terminal difference.

Is it possible to reserve RELAXATION MENU (Esthetic・Body Care) ?

Yes, we are accepting it on the telephone. Please contact us freely.

Must I pay the ENROLLMENT FEE for ESTHETIC or enroll the COURSE ?

No, it is not necessary, because there is no course setting, even one chance of use is welcomed.